Loft Rose Cylinder Imago Pared Rose Clear White Cylinder Dessy One 8 FN1 Fuzzy

WPT Design is proud to showcase some of the most striking and whimsical fixtures on the market while maintaining an unparalleled focus on quality and customer service. Our products are suitable for residential, commercial, and hospitality applications and we are always happy to work with customers to provide tailored lighting solutions that meet their specific needs. Since we work closely with dedicated and passionate artisans, we are able to offer uncommonly flexible customization options while being sensitive to customer budgets.

The spirit of WPT’s mission is an unwavering attention to design and construction. In order to create reliable light fixtures that will be admired for years to come, we devote great attention to craftsmanship and ensure that every aspect of our design and manufacture process lives up to our high standards. As a result, we stand by our products with full confidence.

Rather than using mass-produced components, we have partnered with glass and metal artisans working within the United States. The use of art glass in our designs ensures that we can offer truly one-of-a-kind pieces, incorporating a broad range of techniques–blown, slumped, lamp-worked, cast, and fused–to create beautiful designs.

As a specialty firm, we are knowledgeable and responsive to our customers’ needs. We are able to accommodate extensive customization, updates, and repairs and take great pride in responding to customer inquiries and requests as quickly as possible.

If you have further questions about WPT, please feel free to visit our Contact page. We would be delighted to help you make an informed decision.